Our Story

Providing holistic support to children and families at the exact moments they need it the most is our calling, and we do this by creating strong foundations, with safety nets, and soft landing places for children and families.

Our Mission and Vision

OUR MISSION: To cultivate thriving children and families.

OUR VISION: Our vision is that all children will have loving and stable families and a nurturing community that empowers them to lead successful lives.

We Are All Landmarks

When your journey spans two centuries, you learn a lot with every step. Above all else, you learn to find beauty in each landmark along the way.

A landmark is an object or feature that is easily spotted and used to establish one’s location. It is your place in the world at any given moment. Landmarks can be grand and iconic, where people travel far and wide to bask in their glory. They can be small and intimate – a personal space filled with grandeur by few.

Landmarks can set boundaries, letting folks know what is safe and approachable. They serve as guides or points of reference. To some, a landmark can represent an important event, a stage in a lifetime or a crossroads where decisions must be made.

The beauty of a landmark is that no two are the same. They are unique and boundless and stand the test of time. They are the universe speaking to each of us, shouting – “Here I am!”

Every milestone, experience, smile, and supporter is a landmark on the road to success. Landmarks for Families is the culmination of our ongoing journey and a celebration of all that’s led us here.

When you stop and think about it, we are all landmarks.

We Value All People

When Landmarks for Families is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in and among the people who carry out the mission and with those who need the services that Landmarks for Families provides, diversity is reflected in gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, education, and experience. Whether a volunteer, leading the board or providing a program, or a staff member, Landmarks for Families team members are trained to value each person for who they are. Landmarks for Families proudly operates using the Teaching-Family model of care, which emphasizes voice and choice in its trauma-informed techniques. Feedback loops provide insight and evaluation, which program leaders use in its continuous quality improvement.


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CYDC is now Landmarks for Families!

For more than 230 years, we have guided neighbors toward stronger, hopeful futures and now we’re evolving too. We’re grateful to enter this new chapter with you. Welcome to Landmarks for Families!