Group of teens talking outside

Preparing Youth for Independence at All Ages and Stages

As children blossom into young adults, their yearning for independence becomes a powerful force. This desire to break free from parental guidance and forge their path is a natural part […]

Two women laughing on park swings

Creating Safe Spaces: The Vital Role of Shelters in Charleston Communities

The Charleston area and its surrounding community are united in a spirit of resilience and compassion. Still, individuals and families bravely face life’s challenges, such as poverty, food insecurity, unstable […]

One pink flower with green plants all around it

Cultivating Growth: Exploring Development-Based Services for South Carolina Youth

Each young person holds immense potential, brimming with creativity, curiosity and a desire to learn. Like hopeful seedlings, our youth rely on the right environment to bloom and thrive. This […]

Family walking together on hiking trail in the mountains

5 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free and Inclusive Family Vacation

Many of us understand how special family vacations can be. They create lasting memories, strengthen bonds and offer a chance to explore new places together. But sometimes, planning a trip […]

Father and daughter washing their hands at the kitchen sink

Navigating the Foster Care System: A Guide for Foster Parents and Youth

Navigating the foster care system can be daunting for both youths and the foster family that welcomes them into their home. This journey can be filled with uncertainty. However, it […]

Teen boy wearing a backpack and walking by the ocean

Breaking the Cycle: How to Recognize the Signs and Protect Against Child Abuse

As an advocate for children and families, we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all children in our communities. This goes far beyond our residential services as […]

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