Teen Skill Building

Teen Skill Building

At Landmarks for Families, we believe every teen has the potential to thrive and succeed. Through interactive programs and activities, we aim to engage with youth in our community, enhancing their learning experience and essential life skillset. Teen Skill Building programs empower teens to become confident, responsible, and independent individuals.

Scholar Centric

Scholar Centric is a research-based program that helps students performing at all levels achieve greater academic success – including improved attendance, higher grades, more earned credits, and higher levels of resiliency. Scholar Centric teaches students how to overcome adversity and deal with academic and social pressures, helping them stay in school, score higher on achievement tests, and prepare for future education and adult life. Youth take part in individualized assessments and create their own personal success plans to empower them to reach their goals.

The program has been used by school districts across the United States, enabling researchers to measure its efficacy in teaching the six social and emotional skills critical to academic achievement. During the program, students learn about these resiliency skills and build upon them to reach their goals. The six resiliency skills include:

1. Valuing Education
2. Health and Well-being
3. Connectedness
4. Academic Confidence
5. Stress Management
6. Intrinsic Motivation


Teens of families that are engaged in a Landmarks for Families service.

School students in the library

Life Lab

Located on our North Charleston campus, the Life Lab is a learning environment where youth come to build competencies in different life skills through activities that will support their transition into adulthood. Hands-on activities include learning about basic car mechanics, home repair projects, or even how to weld. Each week the youth work on a new skill that they can apply to their everyday life or future.

Activities are based on availability and skills that are being targeted by the attendees. Life Lab is supported by staff and volunteers of Landmarks for Families, who act as our instructors and funders for this independent skill-building program.


Teens of families that are engaged in a Landmarks for Families service.

Group of young people in technical vocational training with teacher
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