Landmarks for Families offers a comprehensive continuum of care, from parent education to residential services, using the evidence-based Teaching-Family Model® to foster holistic development and support for children and families at every stage of their journey.

Cultivating Family Journeys

Landmarks for Families cultivates thriving children and families who are all on unique journeys. From family education and preservation programs to residential care and family reunification supports, the Landmarks for Families continuum of care is designed to meet the family’s needs when and where they are. Through this continuum, Landmarks for Families teaches, heals, strengthens, and empowers children and families with this promise: “Prevention if we can, safety when we must, and support always.”

Mother and her teenager daughter talking with therapist

Supporting Parents Within our communities

Find the support your family needs to learn, grow, and connect. These foundational lessons are protective factors for thriving families.

Parents standing and their young children smiling outside in their yard

Strengthening and reunifying families

Parents in our community are never alone with Landmarks workshops, groups, and one-on-one support for caregivers.

A young woman lying on bed

Sheltering at-risk youth

Every child deserves a safe, stable place to call home. Landmarks for Families is proud to provide safe spaces for children across our community.

Program Calendar

Explore our program calendar to discover a wide range of exciting events and activities, tailored to suit your interests and schedule.

Continuum of Care

The Landmarks for Families continuum of care starts with Parent Education and Support. Parenting classes, relationship-building workshops, support groups, family therapy, and summer literacy camps are among the services Landmarks for Families delivers to support and educate children and families. Family Preservation and Reunification services are delivered in the home and are designed to keep families together and support them through transitions and times of struggle. Families can heal, become resilient, and thrive by strengthening family relationships, providing guidance and establishing structures that ensure safety and connections. Rounding out our continuum of care, Residential Services are available when children need a safe place to stay, heal, learn, and grow. Landmarks for Families is committed to the well-being of children and families at all moments because all journeys take different paths.

Happy Family Sitting outside their house on the grass

Teaching Family Model

Landmarks for Families utilizes the Teaching-Family Model®, an evidence-based system of care that prioritizes therapeutic relationships with caregivers as the primary conduit of effective treatment in supportive family-style settings. This model is rooted in cognitive behavioral theory and provides effective individualized and trauma-informed treatment services to children, youth, adults, and families.

family eating breakfast

Family-style Relationships

The model sees family-style relationships as essential to the healthy development of social, relational and interpersonal skills. It can be used with a range of diagnoses and symptoms, as well as with those who have experienced significant trauma, maltreatment, and loss.

diverse family outside

The Teaching-Family Model® is a strength-based, comprehensive, and trauma-informed model of care that builds positive change while remaining focused on the holistic development of the person served. This philosophy is integrated throughout our continuum of care and allows our organization to provide effective, holistic services to the children and families in our community.

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