Spring Volunteer and Donor Spotlight

NOTE: As of Feb. 29, 2024, Carolina Youth Development Center (CYDC) has rebranded to Landmarks for Families. Our nonprofit, community programs and residential services remain committed to cultivating thriving youth and families in this new chapter.


September 2016 mentors Mary Jo Maddon
Mary Jo Madden working with her CYDC teen mentee after school in the Bakker Career Center computer lab.

I’m retired now but in my past life I spent many years working with teenagers. It’s an age group I find fun, challenging and always interesting.

I also realized how important it was for teens to have some structure and constancy in their lives.

Being a mentor allows me to spend time with teenagers (they keep me up to date) and to give them someone who is a constant in their lives. They are always teaching me new things, new skills.

Can it be tough at times? Yes! However I enjoy every minute I spend as a mentor and encourage others to give it a try.


DONOR SPOTLIGHT: Sandy Drolshagen

What is your name and job title? Sandy Drolshagen,  President Titan Termite & Pest Control, Inc.Sandy from Titan photo for Donor Testimonial

How did you learn about Carolina Youth Development Center?

Through the Trident United Way initially. Soon after I moved to Charleston, I served on a Community Investment Review Team for TUW and was fortunate to learn about CYDC through the funding process.

What was your first experience with the organization and how long have you been involved? 

My first experience was a site visit and a presentation by the CYDC team. I found out through that experience that they served so many children through a variety of different programs including Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Callen-Lacey Center.  The CYDC had a long history of helping children (going back to 1790 as the Charleston Orphan House).  I have been involved with CYDC since 1998.

 Why do you feel it’s important to give to CYDC and support its mission?

It’s important to support CYDC and its mission so that the community of children they serve will grow into a community of adults who will become productive members of society.


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CYDC is now Landmarks for Families!

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