Big Sponsor Campaign Launches

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It’s not Just a Donation: It’s a BIG Deal

Big Brothers Big Sisters Rolls Out Big Sponsor Campaign

Kyran and Christian
Little Kyran (left) and Christian (right) enjoying a Charleston Riverdogs baseball game.

Driven by a growing demand for adult role models to serve as youth mentors, Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Carolina Youth Development Center (CYDC) is excited to announce the launch of our Big Sponsor Campaign, a unique opportunity to transform the life of a child in the Charleston area.

The Big Sponsor campaign asks that a group or individual agrees to financially support one Big/Little mentoring match with an annual donation of $2,000 for a period of three years. This donation will ensure that the Big Brothers Big Sisters program can continue to support more than 110 mentoring relationships in the Lowcountry, while expanding to meet the needs of the community.

Big Brothers Big Sisters currently has over 200 children on its waiting list. If staff must direct most of its focus and energies into fundraising, it leaves less time for recruiting, supporting and sustaining matches. Big Sponsor funding allows BBBS of CYDC to prioritize its time and resources on enrolling more children into the program.

With the start of summer break comes more free time, which makes it even more important for children to have another positive role model to help guide their decision making and serve as a positive influence so they avoid risky behaviors. Each new match that is funded allows one more young person to benefit from another reliable and trustworthy adult in their lives to offer guidance, support and encouragement.

BBBS of CYDC receives no state funding and relies on grants, fundraising events and individual and corporate donors to finance its matches. Following the expiration of significant grants, the program found itself in a precarious financial state in summer 2015 and was nearly forced to close.

Today, things are far better. There have been 157 mentoring matches made year to date, and the campaign has jumpstarted the program. But hundreds more at-risk youth require our life-changing services, so to keep the momentum going, we are asking generous benefactors to help us make an even bigger impact.

“All children need someone to inspire and encourage their passions and to help them achieve success in life,” says BBBS of CYDC Program Director Christina Hoffecker.  “We all want to give back, but not everyone can dedicate the time to volunteer and serve as a role model. The Big Sponsor Campaign provides a vital philanthropic opportunity for individuals or businesses to help support and sustain a match throughout its duration.”

Big Sponsors will share in the success and growth of their supported match with personal letters, photos and other updates so they will know how the relationship is progressing and will see the impact of their donation.

Hoffecker says, “Big Brothers Big Sisters is the only program of its kind in the Tri-County Area. Mentoring is wanted and needed, and is proven to produce positive outcomes in the youth who are fortunate enough to benefit from an adult role model.”

For more information on becoming a Big Sponsor, contact Christina Hoffecker at 843-266-5232 or or visit

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