Freedom Schools’ Weekly Wrap Up

NOTE: As of Feb. 29, 2024, Carolina Youth Development Center (CYDC) has rebranded to Landmarks for Families. Our nonprofit, community programs and residential services remain committed to cultivating thriving youth and families in this new chapter.

To kick off an amazing week for Freedom Schools, the youth learned Labi Siffre’s, “Something Inside So Strong,” with their own Freedom Schools spin. At the end of the song, the whole group chanted, “I know I can be what I want to be. If I work hard at it, I’ll be where I want to be.”  The motivational readers and empowering activities truly make the lyrics come alive in the minds of the youth.

Each Monday, tune in for a wrap up of the last week’s activities.

If you want to get to know the interns that spent the past 6 weeks with the children of Freedom Schools, click on the link below:

June 15 – 19 Activities

Mike from Self Defense Studio

Fashion Show

IMG_2297 IMG_1238

Charleston Drug and Alcohol Program

Career Day (from L to R) with Matt Wetherell from Cummins, Steve Graybill from Boeing, Shawn Edwards from The Citadel, Ben Bredenkamp from Mead West Vaco, and Fitness Instructor Riley Ewald

11412132_10155681488005247_2381263217672247751_n 11137163_10155681486870247_7645490950640876149_n 10492502_10155681488015247_2984330554098419245_n 10419420_10155681486875247_7167000831897507041_n 11542108_10155681486880247_4655588829466651737_n


Special Guest Reader:   Kelley Paul

June 22-26


Dana Mitchel from the Lowcountry Food Bank and Lauren from Medical University of South Carolina talked to the Freedom Schools students about healthy eating and how certain foods affect certain body parts. Chef Bryan Cates of Basico and Chris Miller from Sow Seasonal, LLC taught the kids about different fruits, veggies and herbs, and the importance of growing your own garden.

10423868_10155687240195247_477099397849258473_n 11062807_10155687240325247_8490831742047719652_n

Blackbaud volunteers came to campus and put on a Field Day for the children

IMG_1393 IMG_1385 IMG_1403


Alexis Scipio, Sourcing Manager at Cummins


Brandon Rainer from TD Bank


Coach Earl Grant, College of Charleston Head Basketball Coach


Edie Blakeslee, Regional Vice President at Coastal Community Foundation


June 29-July 2


Kristin Kiefer from the Charleston Animal Society, and three-month-old Mickey, came and talked the kids about what they do and what it takes to care for an animal.


Abriana Titus, a CYDC alumni, came in to do some edible art with the children.  Below is a time laps video of one of the houses that was built out of pretzel sticks, marshmallow fluff, and gumdrops.


Robert Grimm, Principal at North Charleston High School


Amanda Lawrence, Vice President at Trident United Way


Kaneshi Hart, Business Owner of Confident You, LLC and Team Manager at IHG


Emily Hertwig (and her two children Faith and Kyle), from Cummins


July 6-10


The children did crafts where they had to make an animal using a Styrofoam cup, paper, foam and other miscellaneous things.

IMG_0026  IMG_0024  IMG_0031

Janice Crews from Charleston Symphony Orchestra came in this for an “Orchestra Petting Zoo” for the kids where they learned about the instruments and got to try out some of them out.

IMG_0055 IMG_0054 IMG_0063 IMG_1696

The children ended the week on a relaxing note by doing some yoga with Sue Saadeh, owner of The Yoga Spot. She taught the kids a few different poses and did some meditation with them.

IMG_1764 IMG_1767 IMG_1775 IMG_1787 IMG_1793


Not Pictured is Dr. Harris from the College of Charleston

Attorney, Sara DeWolf


Wilbur Johnson, Attorney at Young Clement Rivers


CEO at InterTech Group, Inc., Anita Zucker


Yvonne Broaddus, President and Executive Producer at the Charleston Black Theatre




Sergeant Tiffany Smalls from the Army Reserves


As part of the South Carolina Stingrays 3rd Annual Kids Day, the children got to spend the day hanging out with the Head Coach Spencer Carbery and Mascot Cool Ray. They also got to shoot some pucks, try on the gear the players wear, skate on the ice, and take a ride on the Liquid Box Fan Zam.

IMG_1900 IMG_2082 IMG_2052 IMG_2027 IMG_2006


Shanstacy Whack, home health aid, bus driver, and mother to one of the Freedom School children


Marcus Amaker, Web designer, videographer, poet, musician and overall Renaissance man


Mayor of North Charleston, R. Keith Summey talked to the children, rather than reading, about treating everyone equally and that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. He says “we get so caught up in what is different that we forget what is alike.”


Elliot Summey, a Chair Memeber on Charleston’s City Counsel


Jasmine Kang, Plant Manager at Cummins Turbo Technologyies


July 20-24


Kara, Beth, Matt, Baleiji, Karina, Lashaunda, and Justin from Cummins came in to paint canvases with the children. Brandon Rainer, Assistant Vice President of Retail Banking from TD Bank, played a game with the kids that taught them about budgeting and saving their money.

IMG_2154 IMG_2156

John Spann came in to teach the children some dance moves (No Picture Available)


Kerri Forrest from the Donnelley Foundation


Dr. Bernard Powers from the College of Charleston


Temitope Leyimu from Motley Rice


Freedom Schools ended this year with presentations put on by each classroom and a video slideshow that showed all the activities throughout the summer.  The children then enjoyed a cookout where they got to just hang out and enjoy their last day.

Thanks for a great Freedom Schools 2015!

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